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Brindille XL Articulating Linear Chandelier

$ 6,999.00


O/A Height: 52" Fixture Height: 8.75" Min. Custom Height: 14" Width: 61.25" x 30" Canopy: 5.75" Round Lightsource: Dedicated LED Wattage: 40w (3200lm) Custom Height Available Weight: 21 lbs.

The Brindille XL Articulating Linear Chandelier by Champalimaud strikes a balance between organic beauty and technical innovation. As if a branch were laden with petals, the slender gunmetal, polished nickel, or soft brass arms of the suspended frame support petal-like white glass shades. Thanks to a spoon-shaped brass fitting technique, these can rotate 360 degrees, offering varied and adjustable lighting when and where needed—a poetic focal point above any dining room table.

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