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EcoFlex ExpandHome

$ 35,500.00


Floor Area: 39㎡ single-level structure.
Ceiling Height: 2.3 meters for spacious interiors.
Frame Construction: Galvanized 80×80 steel for enhanced durability.
Exterior Finish: Premium color steel veneer with protective PE paint.
Insulation Quality: PU filling in walls and roof for superior thermal efficiency.
Flooring Material: 8mm stone-plastic for durability and aesthetic appeal.
Wall Insulation R-Value: 22.54 ft²·hr·F/BTU, ensuring energy savings.
Roof Insulation R-Value: 22.43 ft²·hr·F/BTU for optimal thermal control.
Design Aesthetic: Modern and sleek.
Structural Integrity: Engineered for both functionality and visual appeal.

The prefab house is a 39㎡ single-floor building with an indoor clear height of 2.3m, designed by Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. It features a construction using 80×80 steel frames for major sections, galvanized and plastic sprayed for durability. The walls and roof incorporate 0.426mm color steel veneer with AZM100g/m²+PE baking paint for exterior and interior surfaces, filled with PU for insulation. The floor is made from stone-plastic flooring over steel frame support, ensuring a robust structure with an R-value of 22.54 ft²·hr·F/BTU for walls and 22.43 ft²·hr·F/BTU for the roof, highlighting its efficiency in thermal insulation​​​​.

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