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Lighting is the one element that impacts every other aspect of design. The thoughtful placement of quality architectural and decorative lighting is guaranteed to enhance design.

With a focus on residential construction projects, our experienced lighting designers are equipped to develop multi-layer lighting plans to optimize the look, feel and function of any space at any budget.

Visit one of our architectural lighting labs to experience how layers of light will illuminate your design story.

After understanding your vision, goals, and budget, our team develops a comprehensive lighting plan including placement and specification of fixtures ideal for your project.

Town and country have always lived in harmony in the world of Ralph Lauren. Outside the rush of city life, a relaxed atmosphere reigns – no less refined, only simpler and more serene, “Country style is about a simpler way of living.” Nature is a north star in these environs, lending rhythm and meaning to aesthetic choices for a more deeply rooted sense of purpose, “It’s about the freedom of living close to nature, opening windows and doors to let in the warmth of days, the coolness of nights, and the fresh air and soft breezes carrying the scent of nature’s bouquet.” Here, vintage-inspired elements add layers of warmth and familiarity. Clear colors, cozy patterns and textures that recall the fresh air and soft breezes combine to create a comfortable and inviting backdrop.


We work hand in hand with you to ensure the successful completion of your project from delivery management to technical support.

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