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THM Portable Prefabricated Fireproof Tiny Home (19x22FT), Expandable Soundproof Prefab House for Office, Hotel, Guard House, Villa | US Standard Utilities, Perfect for Permanent Living

Original price was: $ 39,999.00.Current price is: $ 31,999.00.


PREFAB HOUSE LIVING REDEFINED: Explore the perfect blend of modern design and eco-friendly living with our Prefab House, a must-see for anyone interested in a prefab home kit or a small prefab house. FLEXIBILITY AND FUNCTION: Our foldable house and expandable home design cater to those looking for an Amazon tiny house or a collapsible house, combining the convenience of a mobile home with the spaciousness of modular homes. EASY ASSEMBLY: Discover the ease of setting up your own tiny home with our prefabricated house, ideal for enthusiasts searching for a DIY a-frame house kit or a buy-a-tiny house option that promises quick assembly. ECO-FRIENDLY AND EFFICIENT: Embrace sustainability with our tiny home for sale, featuring high-efficiency insulation and ready-for-you appliances, perfect for those seeking an eco-conscious lifestyle in a tiny home prefabricated. EXPANDABLE LIVING SPACE: Enjoy the flexibility of expanding your living area with our expandable tiny house, offering a solution for growing needs without the need to move. PORTABLE HOME CONVENIENCE: Our portable home and folding house with bathroom deliver unparalleled mobility, making it an ideal choice for a backyard guest house tiny home, or a backyard office pod. CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR TASTE: Tailor your space to fit your lifestyle with our cabin prefab kit, providing a blank canvas for those who wish to personalize their tiny home. US-STANDARD UTILITIES: Benefit from hassle-free connections with US-standard electrical and plumbing systems, ensuring your transition into tiny living is smooth and straightforward. FIRE SAFETY ASSURED: Sleep soundly knowing your prefabricated home is designed with fireproof materials, ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones. DEDICATED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Enjoy peace of mind with THE HOME MAGZINE’s committed customer support and comprehensive warranties, making your prefab tiny house purchase worry-free. INSTANT COMFORT: Equipped with a tankless water heater, our prebuilt tiny home ensures you always have hot water on demand, combining luxury with convenience. MODERN APPLIANCES INCLUDED: Our tiny home comes with modern appliances, setting the standard for what you should expect from a high-quality tiny home for sale. JOIN THE TINY HOUSE MOVEMENT: Be part of the innovative community opting for a smarter, sustainable way of living with our Amazon tiny house, a statement of style and sustainability. SMART INVESTMENT: Investing in our tiny house is not just a lifestyle choice but a smart financial decision, offering the potential for appreciation in the rapidly growing tiny home market. YOUR GATEWAY TO FREEDOM: Embrace the freedom of tiny living with our expansive range of homes, from the backyard office pod to luxury tiny houses, each designed to meet the unique needs of our customers.

EMBRACE INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY WITH THE HOME MAGZINE’s 19x22ft PREFAB TINY HOUSE Dive into the world of sustainable, minimalist living without forsaking the comforts and luxuries of modern life.

THE HOME MAGZINE introduces its 420-square-foot Prefab Tiny House, a perfect fusion of eco-friendliness, innovation, and chic design. Tailored for the eco-conscious spirit who craves a life uncluttered yet enriched, this home promises a lifestyle revolution, redefining the essence of home.

WHY OUR PREFAB TINY HOUSE IS YOUR SANCTUARY: TRANSFORMATIVE SPACE: Discover the magic of our 2-bedroom layout, a 420 sq ft marvel that amplifies space, ensuring every corner whispers home.

SUSTAINABLY LUXURIOUS: Wrapped in high-efficiency insulation, our home redefines luxury, offering an idyllic temperature all year round while minimizing your ecological footprint.

SIMPLISTIC ELEGANCE, READY TO USE: Arrive at a home equipped with sleek appliances, stylish kitchen storage solutions, and a tankless water heater, embodying effortless elegance.

SEAMLESSLY CONNECTED: Enjoy the ease of integrating with US-standard electrical and plumbing, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free transition to tiny living.

ASSEMBLY MADE EFFORTLESS: From order to doorstep in 40-45 days, your journey to minimalism is fast-tracked with our easy-to-assemble design.

EMBRACE ECO-CONSCIOUS LIVING: Our prefab home is more than a dwelling; it’s a lifestyle choice for the eco-conscious, blending minimalism with the functionality of modern amenities. Every material and feature is thoughtfully selected to minimize your carbon footprint while maximizing living joy.

EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS WITH THE HOME MAGZINE’S PREFAB HOME : UNMATCHED QUALITY & DURABILITY: Our commitment to excellence is evident in the superior materials and craftsmanship of our homes.

CUSTOMISE YOUR DREAM SPACE: With essential appliances included and furniture-free flexibility, create a home that truly mirrors your aesthetics and lifestyle.

SUPPORT YOU CAN TRUST: With THE HOME MAGZINE, you gain more than a house; you gain a partner. Our dedicated support and comprehensive appliance warranties ensure your peace of mind.

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